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The NUMBER ONE showroom in Berwick, Beaconsfield and surrounds for premium quality Australian made Sapphire Spas.

Clean & Green

mySpa Berwick

Are you looking for a great range of Australian Made spas and swim spas? Looking for great service and people who understand what your home, family and budget needs are? Then, Grant Forbes and his team at mySpa Berwick are the perfect people to see. They only stock Sapphire Spas, the best 100% Australian made and designed spas you can buy. Presented the 2015 National Silver Award by SPASA and the Dealer of the Year by Maytronics, there is nothing mySpa Berwick can’t help you with, including the spa and pool computerized water testing.

DSC00834Why is it important to buy Australian made? We’ve all bought the cheap foreign imports, haven’t we? Whether that’s something electronic, white-goods or furniture for the home – and they never last do they? They’re cheap and disposable. And while you might think it’s OK to buy a new television every 6 – 12 months, you really won’t want to to be regularly spending thousands on a new spa, do you?


‘Aussie Made’ means Sapphire Spa are built for our conditions, our harsh climate and our rigorous Safety regulations. Whether you’re upgrading your existing spa (maybe getting rid of your cheap import that’s falling apart!) or buying a new spa for the first time, you’ll find that Grant and his team of professionals can advice you on a quality spa of swim spa that will give you, your family and friends, years of enjoyment. And because they’re Australian made, they’re serviced locally. You never have unreasonable wait times for technical support.


Come and discover a wide range of colours and designs, and no matter how small or difficult your space, there’s something perfect waiting for you at mySpa Berwick.

Plenty of Parking at Shop 7 52-62 Old Princes Hwy., Beaconsfield  Phone 9769 3252

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Massage away the Stress

 With the busy, multi-tasking, stressed out lives that we all lead these days, a home spa or swim spa is simply a luxury your body  can’t do without.  There’s no better way to unwind and massage away the stress. And as you lie there, eyes closed and your body floating on a bed of bubbles, your circulation is being gently restored, your sore joints are being relieved and your muscles relaxed. A luxury?  We don’t think so. We think that a  Sapphire Spa from mySpa Berwick is an absolute necessity.

And we can help you find the perfect spa for your lifestyle.

Locals know best.

mySpa outlets across the country are all owned and operated by locals. They know the location they’re in and the best spas for their area. The team at mySpa Berwick intimately understand the needs of local homes and land sizes. Whether you have a big suburban block or not. Whether you have a lot of kids or you’re a professional couple. We know which spa is best for your demands.  And remember, in the extremely rare instance that there’s a problem with your spa, mySpa Berwick is just a phone call away. We’re not in a different time zone or country! 

We’re always ready to help.

Clean and green

Sapphire Spa Pools account for less than 1% of the energy used within your home. At MySpa Berwick we go to great lengths to ensure our spas use the most innovative eco-friendly and energy saving technology there is available.  All our spas adhere to the strictest environmental standards while saving you money by reducing daily resource and energy usage.



Always innovating. Always great value.

mySpa Green

MySpa Green is an important initiative which enables us to continue to deliver what we think is the best Australian made spa on the market, while maintaining 5 key environmental tasks:

Intuitive Insulation

The 6-stage insulation system used in Sapphire Spas means maximum heat retention and minimum costs.

Water Responsibility

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect our most valuable asset. That’s why we work hard to have strict Water management, cleansing and purification systems.

Be Powersmart

The Powersmart system we use automatically manages critical spa functions. This minimises unnecessary energy consumption and cost.

Duratek™ cabinets

Duratek is a tough and durable, fade and stain resistant construction material which is an eco-friendly alternative to timber.

Sapphire Operating Power

This system cleverly ensures that no energy is wasted during the operational flow of the spa systems.